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  1. 11zf -- General government revenue and expenditure, quarterly, 1999Q1-2023Q3

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    1. Quarter: 1999Q1, 1999Q2, 1999Q3, 1999Q4, ..., 2023Q3 (99)
    2. Transaction: P1R Output at basic prices, income, P11R Market output, income, P12R Output for own final use, income, P131R Sales of non-market products, income, ..., OTES Expenditure, total, consolidated (73)
    3. Sector: S13 General government, S1311 Central government, S1313 Local government, S13131 Local government excl. wellbeing services county administration, ..., S13149 Other social security funds (7)
    4. Information: Seasonally and working day adjuste, millions of euros, Original, millions of euros, Trend, millions of euros, Change of original series from previous year, %, ..., Ratio to GDP (trend), % (7)