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13mu -- Prices per square meter of old dwellings in housing companies and numbers of transactions by postal code area, yearly, 2009-2023*

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Price per square meter (EUR/m2):
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Number of sales, asset transfer tax data starting from 2020:
Statistics Finland, prices of dwellings in housing companies
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* preliminary data

Building type

Building type, number of rooms



* preliminary data


Price per square meter (EUR/m2)

Prices per square metre are arithmetic averages of square prices (EUR/m2) calculated directly from the data. Prices per square metre describe regional differences in price levels and they should not be used to calculate price change.

Number of sales, asset transfer tax data starting from 2020

The data on numbers describe asset transfer tax statements received from the Tax Administration by the time of release in the area. The data on numbers of old dwellings in housing companies will become revised in the following releases. Final data for the year are published when all the transfer tax statements are received from the Tax Administration, normally in May. The latest month's number of transactions should not be used when describing the activeness of trading.
The number of transactions include transactions of price controlled HITAS dwellings and Housing Finance and Development Centre ARA dwellings in the area that are not included in the price indices and prices per square metre. HITAS and government-subsidised dwellings and the above-mentioned outlier observations are excluded from the calculation of prices per square metre and indices.
Due to changes in the data, the numbers of sales are not strictly comparable starting from the last quarter of 2019.