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12xz -- Support for parties by region in municipal election, 2021

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Municipal elections, Statistics Finland
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SDP = The Finnish Social Democratic Party
PS = The Finns Party
KOK = National Coalition Party
KESK = Centre Party of Finland
VIHR = Green League
VAS = Left Alliance
RKP = Swedish People's Party in Finland
KD = Christian Democrats in Finland
LIIKE = Movement Now
LIBE = Liberal Party - Freedom to Choose
Pirate Pty = Pirate Party
EOP = The Animal Justice Party of Finland
KP = Citizens' Party
Femin.p. = The Feminist Party
SIN = Blue Reform
SKE = Finnish Nation First
AP = Open Party
SKP = The Communist Party of Finland
KRIP = Crystal Party
Constituency associations
A constituency association for the nomination of one candidate may be established by at least ten people
who are entitled to vote in the municipality. By a decree of the Ministry of Justice (in the 2012 Municipal
elections Decree 237/2012), in some small municpalities a constituency association may, however, be established
by five or at least three persons entitled to vote. Constituency associations may form joint lists with a maximum
number of candidates equalling the number of councillors to be elected multiplied by one and a half.