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13ql -- Wage and salary earners' accident frequency, 2018-2020

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Occupational accident statistics, Statistics Finland
Wage or salary earners accidents at work:
Palkansaajien työtapaturmia
Wage or salary earners' accidents at work per million working hours:
Palkansaajien työtapaturmia miljoonaa työtuntia kohden
Statistics Finland, occupational accident statistics
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The working hours of employees are based on data from the Labor Force Survey. The Labour Force Survey was renewed at the beginning of 2021. The table contains time series corrected retrospectively in accordance with the new estimation method that are not comparable with data from earlier years. This Table 13ql replaces Table 11pt that has been transferred to the archive database.




The industry is defined for the main and secondary jobs of employed persons according to the employer's establishment or the industry of one's own enterprise. Statistics Finland's Standard Industrial Classification is used in the definition of industry.


Wage or salary earners accidents at work

Occupational accidents are such employment accidents for which insurance companies have paid compensation. An occupational accident is defined in Section 4 of the Employment Accidents Act. An employment accident means any accident causing injury or illness sustained by the employee in the course of his/her employment or in circumstances arising from employment.

Wage or salary earners Working hours (x 1000)

Working hours (x 1000)

Wage or salary earners' accidents at work per million working hours

Wage or salary earners' Accidents at work per million working hours