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4.6. Candidates by voting district in Municipal elections 2012, Pirkanmaa constituency

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Corrected on 19 March 2014. Several complaints on Municipal elections 2012 have been filed to administrative courts and the results of the elections have been changed by the decisions of administrative courts (errors in source data have also been corrected). Corrected on 4 March 2020. Voting districts with the same name in Tampere (837) were earlier summed up in the table (Aleksanterin koulu, codes: 001, 002, 003 and 064; Amurin koulu; codes: 004 and 005; Etelä-Hervannan koulu, codes: 056, 057, 058 and 059; Hatanpään koulu, codes: 020 and 021; Ikurin koulu, codes: 032 and 033; Kaukajärven koulu, codes: 049 and 050; Kissanmaan koulu, codes: 040 and 041; Koiviston koulu, codes: 022 and 023; Leinolan koulu, codes: 045 and 046; Lielahden koulu, codes: 037 and 038; Messukylän koulu, codes: 047 and 048; Pohjois-Hervannan koulu, codes: 053, 054 and 055; Ristinarkun koulu, codes: 042 and 043; Sammon keskuslukio, codes: 015 and 016; Tammelan koulu, codes: 011 and 012; Tampereen klassillinen koulu, codes: 007, 008, 009 and 010; Tampereen normaalikoulu, codes: 018 and 019; Tesomajärven koulu, codes: 034 and 035). This was visible in the table as erroneous candidate numbers and data on elected councillors. The number of votes for candidates was given as the sum of the above-mentioned voting districts. After the correction, each of the above-mentioned voting districts is given specified, the code relating to it is added after the name of the district.
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Party: KOK
National Coalition Party
The Finnish Social Democratic Party
True Finns
Centre Party of Finland
Green League
Left Alliance
Swedish People's Party in Finland
Christian Democrats in Finland
Finnish Labour Party
Independence Party
For the Poor
Pirate Pty
Pirate Party of Finland
Liberty Pty
Liberty Party - Future of Finland
Change 2011
The Communist Party of Finland
For Peace and Socialism - Communist Workers Party (Finland)
Constituency associations
A constituency association for the nomination of one candidate may be established by at least ten people who are entitled to vote in the municipality. By a decree of the Ministry of Justice (in the 2012 Municipal elections Decree 237/2012), in some small municpalities a constituency association may, however, be established by five or at least three persons entitled to vote. Constituency associations may form joint lists with a maximum number of candidates equalling the number of councillors to be elected multiplied by one and a half.
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3=not elected