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11ib -- Number of vehicles registered (incl. Åland) , 1922-2022

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Number of the vehicles:
Motor vehicle stock, Statistics Finland
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From 1990 onwards, the vehicles in Åland's separate register are not included in the following time series:# - Motorcycles > 125 cm3
- Mopeds until 1997
- Snowmobiles
- Caravans, semitrailers and other trailers
- Three-wheel vehicle or quadricycles.

Moped registration began on 1 July 1995. The number of mopeds for 1958 to 1969 are estimates, for 1970 to 1994 based on the insurance portfolio.

Registration of snowmobiles began on 1 February 1995.

In Åland, classification between tractors and motor-driven working machines is partially estimated.

Semitrailers also include special transport semitrailers and tank semitrailers.

Table includes vehicles temporarily decommissioned from traffic from 2007 onwards.

.... = Data not available.
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Number of the vehicles