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120 -- Parliamentary elections 1983-2019, support for parties

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Grouping of municipalities and constituencies:
Municipalities are placed in constituencies in accordance with the division
of constituencies in force in the 2019 Parliamentary elections. With regard
to earlier elections, it should be noted that the total number of
constituencies is correct but municipalities are not always under the right
constituencies. This is because municipalities may have changed

In the printed publication of Parliamentary elections by election year, the proportion of votes gained by
female candidates in 1987 and 1983 are presented by party and municipality (1987: Table 7 and 1983: Table 8)

Parties in Parliamentary elections 1983-2019:
Centre Party of Finland KESK in 1991-2019
The Center Party in 1983-1987
The Finns Party PS in 1999-2019
Finnish Rural Party SMP in 1983-1995
National Coalition Party KOK in 1983-2019
The Finnish Social Democratic Party SDP in 1983-2019
Green League VIHR in 1991-2019
The Greens not as own party in 1987
The Green association, incl. in the group of Others in 1983
The Left Alliance VAS in 1991-2019
Left Wing Alliance VAS 1991-1995
Democratic League of the People of Finland SKDL in 1983-1987
Swedish People’s Party in Finland RKP in 1983-2019
Christian Democrats in Finland KD in 2003-2019
Christian League of Finland SKL in 1983-1999
The Communist Party of Finland SKP in 1999-2019
Communist Workers’ Party (- For Peace and Socialism) KTP in 1991-2019
Liberal Party - Freedom for Choice 2019
Pirate Pty
Pirate Party in 2011-2019
The Animal Justice Party of Finland 2019
Citizens’ Party 2019
Feminist Party 2019
Independence Party IP in 2007-2019
Forces for Change in Finland MVS 2003
Alliance for Free Finland VSL in 1995-1999
Blue Reform Sin 2019
Finnish Nation First SKE 2019
Seven Star Movement 2019
Change 2011 in 2011-2015
Workers’ Party of Finland STP in 2007-2015
For the Poor KA in 2003-2015
SVR (2011)
Blue and White Front SVR 2015
Liberty Party - Future of Finland VP 2011
Finnish Senior Citizens’ Party SSP in 2007-2011
Pensioners for the People EKA in 1995-2003
Independent Pensioners of Finland RSES 1991
LIB (2007)
Liberals LIB in 2003-2007
Liberal Party LKP in 1987-1999
1983 with the Centre Party of Finland KESK
SIK (2007)
The Finnish Patriotic Movement SIK 2007
Finland rises - People unite SNKY 2003
+ Humanity Party IPU 1991
SKS (2007)
Finnish People’s Blue-whites SKS in 2003-2007
+ Progressive Finnish Party NUORS in 1995-1999
YVP (2007)
Joint Responsibility Party YVP 1995 and in 2003-2007
Party for Pensioners and Green Mutual Responsibility EVY 1991
KIPU (2003)
Ecological Party KIPU in 1999-2003
Ecological Party EKO 1995
Ecological Party the Greens 1991
LLP (1999)
Natural Law Party LLP in 1995-1999
REM (1999)
Reform Group REM 1999
SEP (1999)
Finnish Pensioners’ Party SEP in 1987-1999
POP (1991)
Constitutional Party of Finland POP in 1983-1991
Other party
Women’s Party NAISP 1995
Women’s Movement NAISL 1991
Democratic Alternative DEVA 1987
Union for Democracy KVL 1983
Constituency associations
Other groups