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11wc -- Discontinuation of education by sector of education and region, school year 2007/2008 -- school year 2017/2018

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Number of students on 20 September used in calculating discontinuation:
Discontinued studies in the sector of education and the region concerned, %:
per cent
Discontinued studies in the sector of education concerned, %:
per cent
Discontinued completely education leading to a qualification, %:
per cent
Discontinuation of education, Statistics Finland
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... confidential
Numbers of students used in calculating discontinuation differ from total numbers of students,because part of students had to be removed from the data due to insufficient personal identity codes, for example.
Discontinuation data are not reported for groups of under 45 students due to the effect of random variation. However, these data are included in total numbers. The regional division used in the entire time series is from 2017. In the data published on 9 March 2015, the numbers of those having discontinued vocational education in the region of Ostrobothnia in the school year 2012/2013 are higher than usual, because around 400 students were missing from the numbers of students in vocational education in the area of Vaasa in 2013. The data on upper secondary general education include upper secondary general education aimed at young people, the data on vocational education include upper secondary vocational education aimed at young people, university of applied sciences education includes university of applied sciences degrees and university education lower and higher university degrees.

Region of education

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